Choice Support Services

where individual uniqueness and personal choice are always honored


 Objectives of Choice Support Services:

*To help individuals rebuild their lives with dignity and respect
*To provide ongoing training and education for all staff, family members, friends and community members.
 *To teach and inspire by using real life responsibilities to guide programming
*Utilize behavior therapy/modification as first line of treatment
*Further independence through "normalizing activities" and by learning compensation strategies in a range of settings.
*Use individualized community based programs to monitor progress towards individual goals and to build not only skills but confidence and self-awareness
*Seek out and secure any needed appropriate services
*Not only advocate for each individual but promote self advocacy
*Structure days through activity calendars
*Staff consistency to strengthen teams
*Open communication

Services Offered:
With the help of a case manager each individual develops an individualized service plan that may include support in any of the following areas:
-Activities of daily living
-Social/Leisure activities
-Community Living (e.g. Money Management, Shopping Skills, and Travel)
The following services (and many others) can be coordinated by the case manager:
Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Substance Abuse Treatment, Assistive Technology, Cognitive Skills Training, Behavior Management, and any necessary psychological and psychiatric support that may be needed.